The No Bull Business Conference

“NOBULL2020 is an elite business conference designed to educate and empower the masses on how to grow your business in 2020 and beyond. Whether you are a small start up or multimillion dollar corporation it is absolutely vital to know where your attention should be in the current culture and what steps you MUST be taking to capitalize on growth potential regardless of the size of your business.”

We’re Building
a Rocketship

The NoBull Conference will be the next major event destination in America, similar to a SXSW. It will be the Northeast hub for everything business, tech, lifestyle and culture. 

NoBull Events was born from a passion for Central New York, and the desire to show the world that the region is primed to support entrepreneurs, businesses and culture, while providing an amazing place to work, live and raise a family.

Small business, music, technology, education and community are all important aspects to building a thriving region. And we humbly think we can help build all of these things into an event that shows the world what they are missing out on in Central New York.

Why Syracuse?

It hasn’t been easy, and we promise to continue to overcome challenges. But with your support, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

People talk about our weather, but the reality is Central New York has incredible summers, the most beautiful falls and picturesque winters.

In addition to the perfect mix of seasons, we have affordable living, growth support from multiple sources of investment, access to the best parts of New York and most importantly, passionate people.

It just needs a kick in the pants. And that’s where we come in.

We are incredibly grateful for all the support that we have gotten thus far, and are continuing to get to make NoBull a grand slam in year 1, and beyond.

Thank You

We are incredibly grateful for all the support that we have gotten thus far, and are continuing to get to make NoBull a grand slam in year 1, and beyond.

Rob Shauger has spent the last 25 years focusing on sales, marketing, branding and business development in the Central NY, Albany and Saratoga Markets. Rob’s passion for leadership and helping others grow personally and professionally is the driving force behind his success and vast business network.

John Timmerman is an entrepreneur, creator, husband and by the time you read this…a father. He is the founder of Good Monster, a strategic marketing agency and Jaxon Jovie, a jeans company obsessed about a better fit. When he’s not in a meeting or building a brand, he’s probably chopping wood in a flannel somewhere.

Al Cutri is the owner of AC Events & Entertainment, an event company based out of Syracuse, NY. He is also a senior video producer for Otto Media. An entertainer, creator, and outside the box thinker, Al’s strength combines innovation and execution with a relentless drive. In addition to activating exciting projects and networking in the community, his musicianship shines as saxophonist for CNY party band The Mere Mortals.