Chris Panebianco


Growing up the son of a potato farmer just outside of Syracuse, you could say Chris got his hands dirty from a young age; learning the necessity of grit, integrity, and tenacity. As Chief Marketing Officer at BHG, Chris applies these values to everything he does, because financing is about more than money. It’s about our customers: real people, with real needs and dreams that BHG can help with. Chris’ mantra is to run through walls and see opportunities where others see obstacles. He’s comfortable challenging the status quo, and has built a full-service agency that leverages the latest innovations in data, analytics, and marketing to connect with those in need of financing. Customer experience means everything to Chris, so he reads every review and answers every email he receives because our customers deserve to be heard and feel valued. Inspired by the BHG culture and commitment to social responsibility, Chris spearheads BHG Cares— building partnerships with non-profit organizations throughout CNY to make a real impact in the community.